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Do your students have access to the best healthcare training?

Although the U.S. economy remains sluggish and the overall job market has not improved, the demand for healthcare staff and professionals is growing at a staggering rate  . These factors have created enormous job opportunities for individuals trained in leading healthcare professions.

Health Ed Today supports innovative content – focusing on two key objectives:

Health Ed Today provides a trusted opportunity for your students to pursue in demand healthcare training and education content. Whether your students wish to pursue traditional classroom training or an online program, Health Ed Today can help you meet your students' specific needs. Content from Pharmacy Technician to Electronic Health Records Management or Medical Billing and Coding – are available today.

Note: All students must enroll through a Health Ed Today college, university, or other educational institution partner.

Restricted Access to Content and Services:  Health Ed Today only works with licensed educational institutions including licensed colleges and universities.   Health Ed Today does not offer for sale any content or related services to individuals.   Individuals and or other organizations who wish to access third party textbooks, content or related support services must contact their local college or university to inquire about availability, programs or services.