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Through relationships with strategic curriculum, content, and learning-services partners  – Health Ed Today works with educational institutions to support a comprehensive suite of healthcare training and educational offerings. Content is available to meet the needs of both your instructor-led classroom based students and students looking to work at their own pace using innovative, online, eLearning solutions.

Restricted Access to Content and Services:  Health Ed Today only works with licensed educational institutions including licensed colleges and universities.  Health Ed Today does not offer for sale any content or related services to individuals.   Individuals and or other organizations who wish to access third party textbooks, content or related support services must contact their local college or university to inquire about  availability, programs or services.  

Pearson Education

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Pearson is the world’s leading education company, providing educational materials, technologies, assessments, and related services to teachers and students of all ages.  Pearson operates in more than 60 countries and publishes curriculum under a range of respected imprints including Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, Allyn & Bacon, Benjamin Cummings, and Longman. Pearson is a leading provider of electronic learning programs and of test development, processing, and scoring services to educational institutions, corporations, and professional bodies around the world.



A leading provider of an integrated, standards-based eLearning software solution, eCollege provides all of the services associated with creating and maintaining quality online education programs. The eCollege eLearning software solution’s main component is a hosted, on-demand Course Management System bundled with an effective Program Administration System, as well as a host of additional tools and services.