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A History of Success

Since 1993, Health Ed Today has been supporting innovative healthcare training and education programs  in partnership with hospitals, employments agencies, the military, and college and universities nationwide. With over  400 partnerships operating in 47 states,  Health Ed Today supports a wide range of courses including Medical Billing & Coding, Hospital Coding, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technician, EKG Technician, and other leading healthcare courses.

Why Health Ed Today?

The healthcare industry is changing at a rapid pace. New requirements on existing roles and the creation of new in-demand specialties require the ability to learn time-trusted concepts by utilizing and accessing the medical innovations of today. Health Ed Today is here to provide your students with the necessary support  to meet these growing needs.

With Health Ed Today, your students will have online, 24X7 access to:

Our goal is to ensure that our partners' students successfully completing Health Ed Today courses will have the necessary skills  to pursue employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, research, and other healthcare organizations nationwide.

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Restricted Access to Content and Services:  Health Ed Today only works with licensed educational institutions including licensed colleges and universities.  Health Ed Today does not offer for sale any content or related services to individuals.   Individuals and or other organizations who wish to access third party textbooks, content or related support services must contact their local college or university to inquire about  availability, programs or services.